Lyrical Host Review & Coupon Code (2024)

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Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting out, deciding on a hosting platform for your blog is an essential tool for creating an online business. 

Our Lyrical Host review will help you make the best decision to start your blogging adventure. 

I’m a Lyrical Host user (Mighty mode). I couldn’t be happier with its ease of use, excellent customer service, affordable plans (they really are), and the fast site speed Lyrical offers my audience.

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Like most newbie bloggers, I started with Bluehost and used it for years. While they are OK, I liked their customer service, my site speed was slow. 

Fast site speed is key to ranking quickly; it’s considered technical SEO. If you want your posts to rank, you need a hosting platform that loads your site quickly.

Lyrical Host offers all of this and more. 

Lyrical Host has become a popular web hosting platform for bloggers in recent years, offering a range of features and a supportive community to help users grow their online presence.

As you consider hosting options for your blog, it’s essential to look into unbiased reviews from current users to make an informed decision. We’ve included some at the bottom of this article.

We’ll help you determine whether Lyrical Host is the right fit for your blogging needs, considering factors like pricing, customer support, and overall user experience.

By examining various customer reviews and diving deeper into Lyrical Host’s features, you can decide if this hosting platform aligns with your goals and expectations for your blog’s growth and success.

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Understanding Lyrical Host

Lyrical Host is one of the best hosting platforms I’ve used.

Company Background

Lyrical Host is a reputable UK-based hosting provider offering top-notch services for bloggers and businesses.

As a supportive and caring community, they prioritize customer satisfaction with their efficient support team; I’ve asked them every question you can imagine, and they have never made me feel like it was a stupid question.

Lyrical gets excellent reviews via Trustpilot.

Hosting Packages

Lyrical Host offers affordable and transparent pricing for their hosting packages, starting from just $19.28 (Β£13.99/month) or $199.66 (Β£142.99/year).

Here’s a quick overview of their plan offerings:

  • Starter (Mighty): Suitable for small-scale bloggers and personal websites
  • Business (Boss): Designed for growing businesses and ecommerce websites

Features include:

  • Generous storage space, compared to other big blog hosting providers
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free caching plugin
  • Free website backups
  • 24/7 support

With their honest pricing, you won’t encounter hidden renewal fees or surprise charges like some of the other big hosting companies.

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WordPress Integration

As a blogger, you’ll appreciate their seamless WordPress integration, making it easy to publish and manage your content.

Among other WordPress features, Lyrical Host offers:

  • 1-click WordPress installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup
  • Regular updates for optimal performance
  • A curated selection of stylish and professional themes

In summary, Lyrical Host goes beyond just being a hosting provider; it offers a supportive community, affordable hosting packages, and effortless WordPress integration to cater to your blogging needs.

Why do you need a blog host?

A hosting platform stores your blog’s files and connects them to the Internet; without one, no one can view your creative work.

A hosting platform like Lyrical Host is where your blog lives. Once you purchase a domain name, you need a host upon which to build your site.

A good host is fast, secure, and reliable. A not-so-good host loads slowly, crashes, and is susceptible to lost files, which we do not want.

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Lyrical Host Services and Features

1. Domain Services

Lyrical Host offers a variety of domain services to help you establish your online presence.

Lyrical Host covers everything from domain registration to transfer or renewal. They also provide domain privacy protection, ensuring your personal information stays hidden.

2. Site Speed Enhancements

One of the standout features of Lyrical Host is their commitment to providing excellent site speed.

My site speed was lagging with Bluehost, which is the #1 reason I decided to switch.

I kept putting it off, but once I did β€” the migration process was so easy (it only took a day and a half) β€” my site speed improved by 3+ seconds on initial loading.

With their advanced caching systems and optimized servers, they make sure your website loads quickly and smoothly.

This ensures a better user experience and improves your search engine rankings.

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3. Security and SSL Certificates

Lyrical Host takes security seriously, offering FREE SSL certificates for all plans.

SSL certificates encrypt data between your website and your visitor’s browser, providing an additional layer of security.

In addition, Lyrical Host has robust security measures, such as a firewall, malware scanning, and more, to protect your website from potential threats.

4. Free Resources and Courses

To help you grow your online presence, Lyrical Host includes access to various free resources and courses.

You’ll find valuable information on topics like SEO, content creation, social media marketing, and website optimization.

You can also join their community of bloggers, where you’ll find support, advice, and inspiration to enhance your online journey.

5. Stock Photos

Signing up for Lyrical Host gives you 15 FREE stock photos EACH MONTH. And they stand out for stock photos.

This is amazing. You also get ebook and workbook templates, Pinterest pin templates, and Canva graphics. This is not unusual for a service like Lyrical, they go above and beyond and know what bloggers need, we need support like this!

Support and Customer Service

6. 24/7 Support Team Availability

At first, I wasn’t sure how efficient their customer service team would be, only because you had to create a ticket and can’t speak to someone on the phone directly. I have never had a good experience with this. 

But Lyrical’s customer service is different. They respond within the hour, usually sooner, and they keep at the problem until it’s fixed. 

They’ve helped me with everything from the most basic tasks, like setting up an email address with my domain name and integrating Convertkit and Mailerlite, to big things like migrating several of my websites. 

They are both professional and super friendly. 

7. Community and Facebook Group

Lyrical Host not only provides exceptional support but also fosters a strong community that truly cares about its members.

This sense of community can help motivate you to engage with others and grow both professionally and personally. They have a Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share your experiences, ask questions, and learn from the collective knowledge of the group.

Joining the Lyrical Host Facebook group also allows you to stay in the loop with any updates, announcements, and exclusive offers available to the community. Overall, Lyrical Host prides itself on providing outstanding customer service, support, and community engagement to its users.

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Pricing and Value

8. Affordable and No Hidden Fees

Lyrical Host offers a transparent pricing model, making it easy for you to understand the costs associated with their hosting packages.

There are no hidden fees, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for and can budget accordingly.

With a range of affordable packages starting at USD 19.28 per month, Lyrical Host provides comprehensive features and top-notch support at a reasonable cost.

Some of the features included in their hosting packages are:

  • Generous web storage
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Email accounts
  • 24/7 customer support

9. Comparing with Other Hosting Providers

You may think Bluehost is cheaper at $4 per month, but in the long run, it will cost you to slow site speed, hidden fees, and increases in plans based on storage space. 

Lyrical Host is cheaper than most big-name blog hosting platforms. And you can buy Lyrical for $200 for the year and won’t be asked to pay more when it’s time to renew, unlike Bluehost, who will charge you more disc space and upgrades.

When comparing Lyrical Host to other hosting providers, you’ll find that they offer a high-value service at a competitive price.

For example, Big Scoots costs $35 per month for 1/4 of the web storage, while WPX starts at $21 for 1/5th of the disk space. This makes Lyrical Host’s $19.28 USD per month a compelling option.

To further illustrate the value offered, let’s take a look at a comparison table:

Hosting ProviderPrice per MonthWeb Storage
Lyrical Host$19.28 USDGenerous
Big Scoots$35.00 USD1/4 of Lyrical Host’s
WPX$21.00 USD1/5 of Lyrical Host’s

As you can see, Lyrical Host offers a more reasonable pricing structure with a higher amount of web storage as compared to other providers.

This, along with the numerous features and excellent customer support, makes Lyrical Host a clear choice for bloggers and small businesses looking for an affordable, reliable hosting service.

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10. Multi-Site Packages

Lyrical has very reasonable pricing. I blog full-time and have three active sites right now, and I have ideas for at least a few more.

I added two more sites (a total of three) to the Mightly plan for an extra $10 per month.

And if I want to expand beyond that, with Boss mode, you can have up to 30 sites for only $41.33 per month. That is a great deal, especially considering how fast the site speed is with Lyrical Host and their amazing support.

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11. Easy Site Migration

I was terrified of moving my blog from Bluehost to Lyrical. I thought all that hard work would be lost in the migration. 

Lyrical couldn’t have made it easier. I gave them the information they needed, and they got to work. 

I only had to be off my blog for no more than a day and a half, and then I was back at it. It was a very smooth process.

Lyrical Host Extra Perks

12. Lyrical Host’s Free Caching Plugin

A cache plugin stores information from your website, enabling faster loading times for returning visitors by reducing the need to reload the same data.

Faster loading times are critical to keeping the user on the page so they don’t bounce.

When I was with Bluehost, I had to buy WP Rocket ($49), but Lyical’s hosting comes with a cache plugin. 

They take of installing and configuring it for you, so you don’t have to. 

13. Free CDN

Not only do you get a free caching plugin with a Lyrical Host plan, hosting here comes with a free CDN.

Let’s get a bit technical.

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) for blogging is a network of servers distributed across various locations worldwide, designed to deliver web content more efficiently to users.

A CDN reduces the distance data has to travel by caching blog content closer to the user’s location, resulting in faster load times.

With Lyrical, this comes pre-set, so you don’t have to even think about the letters CDN, or what it does!

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14. Easy to use Dashboard

There dashboard is one of the easiest to use, and I have used A LOT of them.

Not only is Lyrical’s Dashboard easy to use, but it’s pretty, with cute icons and fantastic branding colors that make it fun to look at.

15. Lyrical Host Reviews β€” A+ Across the Board

Here’s what other bloggers are saying about Lyrical Host. (from Trust Pilot):

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Lyrical Host Plans

Choose between Tiny, Mighty, and Boss modes. Essentially, small, medium, and large – one website, three websites, or up to 30 websites.

Lyrical Host Pricing and Coupon Code

Tiny Plan = $19.28 / month (save 10% on 6-month plans, or 15% on 1-year plans)

Mighty Plan = $30.31 / month (save 10% on 6-month plans, 15% on 1-year plans, or 17% on 2-year plans)

Boss Plan = $41.33 / month (save 10% on 6-month plans, 15% on 1-year plans, or 17% on 2-year plans)

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Lyrical Host Review – My Experience

I have been blogging for over a decade. It was when I figured out how I could make money from blogging that I got serious, leveled up everything to streamline the blogging process, and switched over to Lyrical Host.

Once I was serious, I knew I needed a serious hosting platform that would perform for me and grow my audience at a faster speed. 

Even for adults, attention span has decreased significantly over the past decade. 

When I surf the Internet, I want information. If I go to a webpage expecting to get the answer quickly and the page doesn’t load, I bounce. 

I don’t want to lose users due to slow site speed, so I took the leap to Lyrical and am so happy I did!

They made it super easy to make the change from Bluehost and supported me in growing my business.

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How to Start Your Blog with Lyrical Hosting

Take the leap with Lyrical and let’s get blogging!

Quick step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Go here and choose your hosting plan.
  2. Enter code “LAZY10” at checkout to save 10% on your plan.
  3. Follow the prompts to set up your hosting account and domain name.
  4. Install WordPress. Lyrical will prompt you. It’s really easy, just a click of a button. Once WordPress is installed, choose a theme. I highly recommend Kadence. It is a fast theme and easy to work with. Don’t get hung up on themes. In the end, what matters is starting.
  5. Start writing and sharing your content!

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Blogging

Lyrical Host β€” The fastest hosting platform with the best customer service. I use Lyrical for all three of my blogs. The customer service is amazing and responds within the hour. They never leave me hanging.

Keysearch β€” This is the best and cheapest Keyword Research Tool. I use it every single day. I would be lost without it. Keysearch may be the number one essential blogging tool.

Link Whisper β€” interlinking is an essential part of blogging. Link Whisper streamlines this very important but time-consuming practice.

Interact Quiz β€” the money is in the list. Creating quizzes for your blog is one of the fastest way to grow your email list.

Active Campaign β€” this is one of the best email marketing platform. I’ve also used Convertkit, but I find Active Campaign more intuitive when creating and sending email campaigns.

Short Pixel β€” This is a plugin that compresses your images at increasing site speed and load times, essential for ranking.

RankIQ β€” RankIQ helps bloggers and content creators optimize their posts for search engines by providing AI-driven keyword research and content analysis tools. β€” Increase your content output with AI. I use it every day. It streamlines my blogging process and allows me to create content for three sites.

WP Rocket β€” Use this caching plugin to speed up your site. If you have Lyrical, you don’t need it. Lyrical provides a free caching plugin with one of their three plans.

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